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2052 Howard Rd. Camarillo, CA. 93012          Driving Directions

Bahisht-e-Zehra is a Shia burial garden established to serve the Shia community of Southern California.  Founded in 2007 by Dr. Baqar Naqvi, Bahisht-e-Zehra is nestled in the rolling hills of Camarillo, and exists within the larger Conejo Mountain Memorial Park which was established in 1964.  

We deliver comprehensive burial services that adhere to the highest standards of Shia burial laws, under the auspices of Maulana Mahir Husain and Sheikh Ahmed Modarres.  Within 25 minutes of Fatima Islamic Society and Rasool Center, and within 5 minutes of the 101 fwy, accessibility is pinnacle which is important for remaining connected to our loved ones who have passed away.

When you purchasing your location, you protect your family and you become a member of the Bahisht-e-Zehra community.  Benefits of this community include gathering  each Muharram for Majalis at the garden, Imam Ali's dua's guarding each of the three entrances of the burial garden, azan speakers in the garden that recite the Shia azan throughout the day, participation from the nearby Fatima Islamic Society and Rasool Center, and several other intangible benefits.  

A few of the details taken care of for you include: 

  • ensuring that garden includes Shia's only
  • help in setting up bathing of the body by experienced volunteers
  • assistance in seeking participation by an Alim/Maulana during burial
  • all aspects of burial are per Fiqha Jaffaria (no casket, Kaaba oriented graves)
  • choose your own plot rather than assignment (create a family neighborhood)
  • guidance on recommended duas and items to bring for burial

We invite you to come by and see this slice of heaven.

Burial Arrangements

For pre-planning:  Alan Ducker  (805) 258-3697                              For post-event:   (805) 482-1959

Be sure to say that you are with "Bahisht-e-Zehra" to receive the Bahisht package.
For volunteer assistance with Shia burial arrangements: 

  • Dr. Ahsan Raza  (818) 357-1160
  • Mr. Anwar Abbas  (818) 968-1424
  • Amna Haider  (805) 338-1809

About Us

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Founded in 2007 by Dr. Syed Baqar Raza Naqvi, Bahisht-e-Zehra is nestled in the rolling hills of Camarillo, and exists within the larger Conejo Mountain Memorial Park, which was established in 1964.

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