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Lynn G. Nine

July 19, 1937 ~ August 17, 2018 (age 81)
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Lynn G. Nine was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend. Plain and simple, he loved us all. Lynn came from a poor family, but if you spoke to him about his childhood, you would never know it. He always said he had a good childhood, playing in the creek, driving and fixing cars at a very early age, and many other fond memories he shared.

Lynn met Alyce Levine in 1954, at 17 years of age, at a roller skating rink. Alyce and her best friend, Renee, realized they did not have a ride home, believing the other one’s father was going to pick them up. Lynn was with a friend that knew Renee and asked Lynn if he would take the girls home. Lynn agreed, asking that the “red head” sit with him in the front seat of the car. When he dropped Alyce off at home, Lynn asked her what consideration she could show for the ride (expecting a kiss), at which time Alyce extended her hand for a shake.

About a year later, Lynn and Alyce met again through mutual friends and began dating in 1955. On December 8, 1957, they wed at the Sportsman’s Lodge. They soon had two sons, Michael and Jeffrey. Tragically, in 1960, Jeffrey Steven Nine passed away as a result of a train accident. The loss of a child often leads to divorce for parents but this heartbreak required Lynn and Alyce to draw even closer to one another, as they needed each other. However, the pain was so great that they never did return to their former selves. Lynn very rarely spoke of his son but he kept Jeffrey’s shoes in his bottom dresser drawer where they lie even now. In 1964, Lynn and Alyce adopted a daughter. Tracy was a beautiful little girl and she brought joy back into the family.

Tracy grew up and had a son, Andrew, who Lynn and Alyce loved and cherished. Michael and his wife, Robin, had two children, Justin and Shelby. Lynn was proud of them all. The family is grateful that Lynn was able to watch his grandchildren become successes. He supported them each step of the way. When they needed a ride or something fixed, he was always there.

Over his final few years, Lynn began to face his mortality. He took every opportunity to tell his family he loved them. He began doling out cherished possessions to specific family members, likely feeling his time was near.

Although he took a huge part of his family with him, he left them with cherished memories and gave them the gift of, and an education in, love. He will be missed dearly.

...Family in the care of Erin Arteaga, Funeral Director

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